A 25-year young company, Polar has always been ahead of its time. Setting trends and exploring avenues that others have only followed.
In this consumer-oriented market, our ambitious sales force has forged ahead, aided by the excellent infrastructure and a rather wide distribution network.
Our initial success can be attributed to in-house manufacturing of our principals at well-equipped factories at Noida, Kolkata and Faridabad with a capacity of an impressive 1.2 million fans.
Over time, our principals have partially switched to dedicated vendors in India and China. This has helped enhance manufacturing and supply capacity to 1.8 million fans. Along the way, we have ensured that it is possible to incorporate quick changes in designs and styles of our various products, as demanded by the market.

Since the day of its inception, Polar has lived by a single dictum: The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. A dictum that has ruled every decision and every strategy that the company has authored on its way to being the numero uno. Indeed, Polar’s success story is strewn with instances of surmounting seemingly impossible obstacles to emerge winners, time and again. Little wonder then, that today Polar is perceived as an industry leader, innovating new concepts which have redefined categories, creating trends that others have only been able to ape.
To live up to its rather impressive past and stay ahead of the race in the years to come, the company will remain true to its winning mantra. After all, as the adage goes, things are only impossible until they’re not.

Our Philosophy - To win over the consumer

To recognize a customer perspective, as the only stand-point.
To inspire the entire organization to move the goalposts after achieving each milestone.
To empower each member of the organization with knowledge, tools, authority and freedom.
To respond to a changing country, with new ideas and new capabilities.
And to not just manage change but to mastermind it. It is this vision and will that enables us at Polar to consider impossibilities as a storehouse of infinite possibilities.